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Tuesdays  9:30-10:30AM GYROKINESIS® Class

@Disco Gym 3315 Larissa Drive
(Space limited, must register in advance by text 213-378-5746)


Tuesdays 6:30-7:45PM Dynamic Vinyasa

Equinox Glendale 207 Goode Ave, Glendale, CA 91203

Fridays 4:30-5:45PM Vinyasa Flow

@ Equinox DTLA 444 Flower St., Los Angeles, CA 90071

Private Yoga, GYROTONIC® Method, Hula Hoop, Flexibility & Handstand Training

Available at my fully equipped private studio in Silverlake Monday-Friday 7AM-8PM by appointment.
Set up an appointment here.

What my clients are saying

" Rebecca Halls was my yoga teacher regularly for 2 years from 2012-2014. I found her early in my yoga practice, and I attribute all of my progress to her guidance and teaching. She has every quality of a superlative yoga teacher. Rebecca is above all a supportive and inspirational mentor. She radiates positivity and encouragement, while at the same time provides clear and precise instruction. Even in a class setting, she engages with students on a one-to-one level. I appreciated her emphasis on the subtleties of each posture. I felt it was through these details I could really improve my practice. Having had many other wonderful teachers since Rebecca, I can say that she ranks right up there at the top. Her passion for what she does is infectious and I felt lucky to be her student. I think anyone else, beginner or advanced student, would feel the same. " - Anthony I.
" Rebecca Halls is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching style is inspiring, invirogating, challenging and always fun. She makes her students to try new postures, maybe to fall over, to laugh and to try again. I always feel completely warm, happy and healthy afterwards. " - Angela A.
" Rebecca was my private Yoga teacher for about one year in Berlin, Germany. Yoga is for me part of my daily life . With her as a teacher in classes three to four times a week I improved my knowledge and my ability doing yoga very much. Rebecca is an outstanding yoga teacher, very accurate, very sensitive in terms of my abilities and on top a very nice person. I miss her classes very much. " - Ralph H.
" Rebecca taught me yoga inversions. She helped me overcome difficulties and had me doing arm, head and forearm balance. She is fun, patient and thorough! A miracle worker actually. " - Jessie K.



Close your eyes and sink into the rhythm of your breath, and be guided through a playful, dynamic dance-y sequence of FUN asana and methodically chosen sequences that will open your body and your mind and take you far away from the challenges and worries of everyday reality. This is a yoga choreography that has been tried and tested by Rebecca and is specially structured to bring you into balance, featuring your strength, your sense of humor, and your flexibility. Be prepared to sweat, laugh, fall and get back up again.

Falling in Love with Backbends

Backbending has been one of my passions as long as I can remember. This is not the case for everyone. For some dropping backwards into the unknown can bring up a lot of anxiety and fear. In this workshop I will teach you how to fall in love with backbends so that you will crave them in your practice every day. I will teach you the foundation and preparations for a backbending practice with plenty of different variations beginner through intermediate so that you can safely choose how deep you would like to go. Backbends are known as “heart-openers” and it is through opening the heart that we can learn to feel more love, and each do our part to make the world a better place.


Hoop Yoga is a fusion of new and old forms of somatic education; a marriage between systematic structures of asanas and pranayama and the dynamic qualities of hoop dance. The workshop begins with breathwork and meditation, then transitions into a series of vinyasas where the hoop serves as a playful assistant  rhythmically touching the fascia, muscles and meridian points as it spins around the body. Hoop Yoga stimulates our head-tail connection activating the life force (Prana/Qi), waking up the fluids and nerves in the spine to circulate new energy into organs, muscles and bones and extremities, combining asanas with the use of different hand grips, spinning from different angles and planes to eventually integrate tricks! Learn more about Hoop Yoga on YOGATONIC.


Handstands are fun! As children we try them fearlessly and for most of us it becomes more and more daunting to throw oneself upside down as we get older. In this workshop you will learn how to safely build the strength and flexibility to execute a handstand. You do not need to be able to do a handstand in order to participate in this course. The curriculum contains a series of exercises that you can integrate into your practice over time to eventually be able to perform a handstand in your yoga practice in a playful yet precise manner.