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Posted by on Jan 30, 2019 in Health, Movement, Uncategorized | One Comment
Tone Your Abs with This Breathing Exercise

Do you ever wake up feeling groggy and just want to go straight back to bed? However, you have to get up because the world needs you today? I know how this feels, and when I have a morning like this here’s what I do… I sit up in my bed and I practice Kapalabhati!

Kapalabhati is a Sanskrit word that translates to English as “skull shining breath” or “shining forehead”.

Kapal = skull
Bhati = illuminating / shining

Benefits of practicing kapalabhati daily include improved digestion and possible weight loss. How can you lose weight through breathing you ask? Science explains it like this: You increase your metabolic rate through exercising your respiratory muscles and toning your abdominals. In Ayurveda kapalabhati is said to stoke the “digestive fire” and therefore improve digestion.

To do the practice, sit in a manner that you can have a tall spine with full access to your lungs.

Exhale forcefully by drawing your belly toward your spine. Inhale passively. Repeat 30-50 times.

How to practice Kapalabhati

Kapalabhati Hot Tips:

Best practiced first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

It is best not to practice kapalabhati too late in the day as it will give you a lot of energy (similar to drinking an espresso!)

Women are advised to take a break from practicing kapalabhati during menstruation as it works the abdominal muscles which we are meant to rest during moon time

If you find yourself getting exhausted or heating up excessively, take a break, breathe normally and then try again. Never force your breath, build up slowly over time

Thanks for watching. Leave me a comment if you have any questions and to let me know what you thought of this video.

1 Comment

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