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Posted by on Jan 31, 2019 in Movement, Uncategorized | One Comment
The Flow Mindful Warm Up

Have a busy day ahead of you and don’t have time to exercise? No problem! I’ve got you covered!

The Flow Mindful Yoga warm-up sequence gently mobilizes all your joints without the wear and tear and compression in other forms of practice. I designed this sequence because I noticed in my yoga class that my students were putting their backs and necks into compromising positions jumping into upward dog in the first five minutes of yoga class.

This sequence progressively builds up into a traditional sun salutation, sending signals from your brain to specific muscle groups to wake up and turn on to stabilize your body so that you can find greater mobility and open your body in a safe and healthy way!

I’ve found it to be a wonderful way to start the day because sometimes I’m not completely awake in the morning, so this practice gets me into a mindful state of movement immediately.

The best part? It’s under 10-minutes and it will open your hips, shoulders, chest, and hamstrings while toning your belly, thighs, and arms, synching movement with breath and setting you up for a successful day!

One warning, it is quite fast so feel free to pause the video and repeat each portion slowly to really get the hang of it. Some days you may feel like hanging in child’s pose or down dog a little longer and that’s totally fine. Just pause the video take a few breaths and then keep moving when you feel ready.

Flow Mindful Warmup 2 from Rebecca on Vimeo.

Happy flowing and let me know how it goes for you.

P.S. The most important part is that you listen to your body. Through this practice, we are moving towards a state of embodiment, which means tuning in to when your body says stop, and when your body says “go for it!”.

1 Comment

  1. Gabbi
    February 3, 2019

    Hi Becca!

    I am happy to be able to practice yoga with you now from home 🙂

    Loved the variations.

    Thank you!



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