Brain, Body & Soul Online Course

Within the course you’ll find the Flow Mindful Daily Practice, Pranayama, Yoga to restore your body and mind, chakra balancing exercises, a shoulder class, a class for the lower back, an uplifting class to help get you out of a funk on a down day, a restful class to help you fall asleep when you’re wired, and much much more!

Rebecca’s classes are a guide to your ultimate self-care to help you live a more balanced & healthy life. With her background as a professional dancer and experience as a student of osteopathy, Rebecca brings a unique approach to yoga and wellness that will help you develop a better relationship with your body.

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Brain, Body & Soul Online Course with Rebecca Halls


Brain, body & soul is a 3-week online course for people who would like to develop and stick to a home yoga practice.


They say it takes 21-days to create a habit. Rebecca invites you to commit to your yoga practice for the next 3-weeks. With her guidance and support through daily videos, you will learn the Flow Mindful Yoga Practice from the comfort of your own home. You will adopt different yoga sequences for different days of the week, energy levels, and overall cycles of your life.


“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” ― B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life


Each morning you will be prompted with a journaling and breathwork exercise to set the tone for your day and get you on the right track for discovering greater purpose and manifesting the life you want. In the evenings you will be guided through an evening ritual to wind down and prepare you for a restful sleep.


Module 1: Commit

The first week will lay the groundwork for the weeks to come. You will learn the basic flow sequences, and identify what it is you want to get out of your practice.


Module 2: Let Go

In the second week, you will go deeper into each pose, and identify obstacles that may be holding you back from daily practice. In this process, you will re-organize your life and environment to facilitate your goals identified in module 1.


Module 3: Integrate

Week three is an integration week. You will solidify what you learned in modules 1 & 2 and learn tools to maintain these new habits and practices into your life once the course is over.


Q&A Group Coaching Calls

There will be two live Q&A coaching calls with Rebecca where you will have the opportunity to email in a question in advance or ask a question live on the call. These questions can be related to challenges you are facing in your practice or more general questions related to specific postures. The calls are 1-hour long and will be recorded in case you can’t make it at the scheduled time.


Accountability Club

All students are encouraged to find an accountability partner throughout the course to stay engaged during and beyond the course.


Private Facebook Group

Upon registration, you will gain access to the private Facebook group where you will be able to connect with the community of students who are also participating in the course. This is a wonderful opportunity to share what you are going through in your practice currently and what you hope to gain from regular home practice and learn from other’s experience.

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