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Rebecca sees clients by appointment only in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Rebecca will be in Berlin March 14th-April 9th & May 25th-June 18th offering private sessions by appointment only at The Dream Haus in Kreuzberg.

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Holistic Bodywork: Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique & Cranial-Sacral Balancing Session

Sessions with Rebecca are tailored your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle. Using Myofascial Release—a therapeutic technique working with the body’s fascial system—and gentle Cranial-Sacral Balancing, Rebecca brings your body back into alignment to help ease back and neck pain, increase mobility, reduce inflammation, and improve overall energetics.


Private Flow Mindful Yoga + Meditation Session

Close your eyes and sink into the rhythm of your breath, and be guided through a playful, dynamic sequence of asana and methodically chosen sequences that will open your body and your mind and take you far away from the challenges and worries of everyday reality. Rebecca specially structures your time together to bring you into balance, featuring your strength, your sense of humor, and your flexibility.


GYROKINESIS® Private Session

The Gyrokinesis Method is an exercise method that re-programs your body to work from the inside out. Each exercise is co-ordinated with a specific breath pattern dictating the rhythm of the movement, and each movement  initiated by either stimulating or relaxing the nervous system. Experiencing a Gyrokinesis class is similar to getting a massage only you are the therapist, and you are exercising simultaneously. It is this combination of breath and movement that feels like a massage for your insides.


Postural Assessment

Have you been trying to put together a home-based movement practice but don’t know where to start? Rebecca can help you decide which yoga poses you should and shouldn’t be doing for your postural type, as well as help you come up with tools to adjust your lifestyle, diet and sleep patterns to best suit a life where you can live in your fullest potential. In this 60-minute session you will receive a full postural assessment, an exercise program you can do daily, a 7day meal plan, and sleeping schedule to suit your lifestyle. This is an excellent choice if you’re feeling blocked or if you’d like to revitalize your brain, body and soul, and take the steps towards a new more energized you.


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