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Posted by on May 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | No Comments
Silver Island Yoga

It’s been an amazing week! I’ve spent the past 7-days with the most magnificent people here on Silver Island. This truly is one of my favorite places on the globe. 2-hour sunrise yoga followed by delicious breakfast from our hosts Lissa & Corne, beach time, massage time, then lunch, followed by yoga practicing, and a 2 hour late afternoon class, delicious dinner and then bed. This has been my life for the past week, and I’m about to dive into a second week of teaching. The theme this week has been on self-care. The magnificent group of people that congregated are all super generous givers. We re-charged our batteries with daily breathing exercises, fresh air and wonderful views of the island. We laughed a lot, we hugged. It was a fantastic coming together for all. I look forward to what and who next week may hold.


We can travel a long way, and do many different things, but our deepest happiness is not born from accumulating new experiences. It is born from letting go of what is unnecessary, and knowing ourselves to be always at home 

~ Sharon Salzberg


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