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I am a professional hoop dancer & choreographer. What does that mean?

I work with musicians to create a dynamic visual aspect to their music videos and live shows.

I work with commercial video directors to bring life, excitement and art to their commercials.

I work with theatre directors and curators in the fine art world to create hula hoop choreography and performance with depth.

I choreograph dance, and hula hoop for the stage. I choreograph dance and hula hoop for the screen.

I work as a movement coach to help actors & musicians look great on camera.

Want to work with me? Get in touch.

Laser Hoop Debut

Performed at Platoon Kunsthalle at Hoopurbia 2014. Choreographed by Kiani Del Valle.

Here's what people are saying

As you may have guessed already by our many heavy hints, Beka Hoop was our favourite of the performances. A mixture of mild contortionism, hula hooping, projection mapping by Tatsuru and a futuristic set designs by Lacy Barry, the Berlin based dancer and yoga teacher floated around a silver foil covered room to stupendously mesmorising effect. “ – Moorizzla Says

Talk about taking hoola-hooping to a next level! We’re in Copenhagen for #Regenerate14 @generatorhostels witnessing some seriously impressive art. How.Does.She.Do.It!?”Grazia Live

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Solo Work

My most recent solo performance work is titled Magma. It was a collaboration with video artist Tatsuru Arai, and music producer Phoebe Kiddo.

Please enjoy some more of my past works below. You can also enjoy my choreography for camera in the Media Gallery

Music Videos & Commercials