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If you think the hula hoop is for children, Rebecca Halls will introduce you to a contemporary lifestyle choreography you didn‘t expect. – PLATOON MAGAZINE, BERLIN

Upcoming Workshops

The Hoopurbia Method is a movement practice created by Rebecca Halls since 2008 in Montreal, Canada that has been intensively developed and refined over three years through collaboration and production with some of the world’s most up and coming artists, teachers and choreographers at the Hoopurbia Festival in Berlin, Germany & Prague, Czech Republic 2012-­2014. The method brings together contemporary dance, yoga, hula hooping and performance, exploring and researching the capacity and potential of hoop dance in a choreographic process.

The practice is about embodiment and expression, and yields authentic movers and technically trained hoop dancers. The workshop is 3 ­hours long and is composed of yoga based warm-up, contemporary dance & improvisation technique, hula hoop technique and tricks, floor work,entry level acrobatics, breathing practices, and performance and improvisation exercises. Participants can expect to sweat, and be pushed to their physical boundaries. This workshop is open to all levels. A great opportunity to refine flexibility and dance technique, no previous experience is necessary and everyone is welcome!

Rebecca teaches regular workshops at The Sweatspot in Silverlake, Los Angeles. Check the schedule page to find out about the next one.

Some Hoop Art from my time in Berlin

Hoopdance Demo after my Workshop

More Hooping & Stretch Workshops

Get Grounded

Integrating floor work into your flow…play with elevation changes and floor work. Roll, bounce, slide, lunge and then throw your head back and giggle! Diversify your hooping style through the integration of level changes and floor work into your flow. Floor work is exciting and dynamic! It increases balance, strength, co-ordination and flexibility. In this workshop we will explore level changes, transitions from standing into the floor, entry-level acrobatics, and the importance of weight transfer.

X-Treme Stretch

X-Treme Stretch is for dancers, acrobats, aerialists and normal people. Whether you’re extra stretchy or stiff like granny, Rebecca brings together the best parts of Russian & Mongolian Contortion, Yoga, The Gyrotonic Method, and Massage. Learn some tricks to increase strength and flexibility…safely! In this state-of-the-art stretching method you will learn breathing techniques, safe assists and adjustments, massage, and specific sequencing for you to get more flexible and strong.