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September 28th to October 8th, Courtenay BC

What is it?

GYROKINESIS® is a movement system designed to safely articulate every joint of the body through a healthy range of motion appropriate to the individual.

The GYROKINESIS® Method was developed by a former professional ballet dancer. In his research, Juliu Horvath discovered how to heal his own body through movement coordinated with specific breathing patterns in rhythmical sequences. He then began to design and explore special equipment in order to further develop the method and provide an apparatus to help his students find the deep connections necessary in their bodies to perform the physical activities (such as pirouettes and grand jetés) free from pain and injury.

GYROKINESIS® exercise not only stimulates nerve pathways, it also opens up energy channels in the body. After a GYROKINESIS® class you will feel invigorated, re-energized, and connected to your centre.

In Rebecca’s 2-hour introduction to GYROKINESIS® Workshop, we will examine each of the spinal motions in detail. You will learn the fundamentals of the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Method, which will give you a foundation that you can bring back to whatever movement activities you enjoy doing.

Rebecca is originally from the Comox Valley and began training in the GYROTONIC® Method while completing her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in Montreal. Upon graduation, she moved to Berlin, Germany where she worked as a professional dancer and hula hoop artist. Alongside extensive studies in yoga, she became certified to teach the GYROTONIC® Method. After four years in Berlin, she moved to Los Angeles and began working with actress Natalie Portman as her personal GYROTONIC® trainer. Rebecca is also a certified pre-trainer in both the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Methods, meaning she offers the pre-training course which is the first step in becoming certified to teach the methods.

Rebecca currently lives in Paris, France where she teaches the Gyrotonic Method and is studying to become an Osteopath at the Swiss International College of Osteopathy. Rebecca is in the Comox Valley for a short period and will be offering her services in manual therapy and the Gyrotonic Method at Aligned Movement Studios, September 28th-October 8th 2020.

Many athletes have used the GYROTONIC® Method as cross-training to enhance their natural ability and reach their potential as movers and athletes. Tiger Woods, Kelly Slater and Misty Copeland to name a few have benefited from training in the GYROTONIC® method to re-balance their bodies and re-pattern after injury in order to prevent re-injury and improve their training for peak performance.

You can benefit from Rebecca’s expertise of movement and the body through a private session during the Pop Up (Sept 28th-October 8th) and/or her Gyrokinesis Workshop Saturday, October 3rd, 12-2 PM (Physical distancing measures in place and spaces are limited).

GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® POP-UP September 28th-October 8th

Single Gyrotonic Session with Rebecca $120 for (1hr)

Small-Group Gyrokinesis Workshop October 3rd, 12-2 PM $40 (2hrs)

Package of 3 private Gyrotonic Sessions with Rebecca $300 (3hrs)

Package of 3 private Gyrotonic Sessions with Rebecca plus Gyrokinesis Workshop $330

To book a session email hello@rebecca-halls.com