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Intro to the Gyrokinesis Method

The Gyrokinesis Method is a movement method that gently works the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.

Train with me at Studio Rituel Paris 6e

Yoga Therapeutics

In this workshop we will delve into the land of stability and mobility through carefully sequenced material that will help you prevent and recover from injury. We will be focusing primarily on the spine, hips and shoulders. This workshop is designed for both yoga teachers and students alike all levels welcome.


A vigorous, more athletic approach to yoga characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. Close your eyes and sink into the rhythm of your breath, and be guided through a playful, dynamic dance-y sequence of FUN asana and methodically chosen sequences that will open your body and your mind and take you far away from the challenges and worries of everyday reality. This is a yoga choreography that has been tried and tested by Rebecca and is specially structured to bring you into balance, featuring your strength, your sense of humor, and your flexibility. Be prepared to sweat, laugh, fall and get back up again.

HOOP Dance Fitness

wHOOP stands for whole body hoop. Align your physical, psychological & spiritual bodies while trimming your tummy and toning your arms, thighs and buttocks. Hula hooping is both sexy and fun. Sweat, let loose, and have a great time with fun people. This class is a fusion of yoga, stretching, hula hoop and dance aerobics.