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Bhanda Yoga Class Recordings

Feb 1 : Mulabhanda

Mulabhanda is the root lock. In this class we focus on building a strong foundation through awareness of the pelvic floor and feet. When you learn how to activate and release your pelvic floor you gain insight and awareness to the base of your spine.

Feb 8: Uddyana Bhanda

Uddyana Bhanda is the navel lock. This bhanda provides stability in the core and therefore allows us the freedom to extend outward without disconnecting from our centre. Uddyana bhanda is deeply intertwined with important structures like the rib cage, diaphragm, kidness and psoas muscle. When you learn to activate uddhyana bhanda you will have more freedom in your movement and avoid injury through deep core stability and correct breathing.

Feb 15: Jalandara Bhanda

Jalandhara Bandha is the throat lock. Creating this lock frees up the cervical spine and opens the lungs facilitating the breath and access to the upper extremity. This lock helps to clear the head and is the cherry on top of all of the other bandhas.


Feb 21: Integrative Practice

In today’s class, we integrated all of the bandhas to explore practicing in a centred and connected body. In this class, I invite you to explore your sense of self in relation to your physical body. This may seem like an esoteric concept. However, neuroscience and psychological research has been discovering that taking the time to develop this type of awareness improves our ability to experience life in the present moment rather than being caught up in either the past or future. Becoming aware of where you are in relation to your body will help you to move through the world, make decisions and communicate from your true centre.