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Trailblazer, creator & master in movement, Rebecca Halls (B.F.A. Dance Concordia 2009), is a Canadian professional dancer, choreographer, yoga teacher, and hula hoop artist based in Los Angeles, California. She travels the globe to teach, speak and perform.

Rebecca and filmmaker Marites Carino, were commissioned by EMPAC Dance Movies to create the dance for camera short “HOOP”, which has been featured internationally at  Film Festivals across the U.S., Canada and Europe. As a choreographer, Rebecca was the first in Montreal to integrate hula hoops into a contemporary dance piece, Pi.r.squared, (2007) at Espace Tangente who commissioned her to return from Europe to perform her solo “Spin”(2012) at Place des Arts in Montreal.

When overcoming injuries, Rebecca became certified in the GYROTONIC® method which enables her to support others healing.  This work led her into inquiry in Nutrition and Meditation to enhance her healing and support of her students and clients.

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Curiosity, creativity, courage and a strong work ethic, have enabled Rebecca to break new ground continuously. She founded the annual HOOPURBIA dance festival and education platform  (2012-2014 Berlin and Prague), invented the first Laser Hula Hoop. She works in collaboration with DJ’s, video artists, and choreographers to create, direct and perform artistic videos and events in Iceland, Great Britain, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Rebecca is incredible. I worked with her privately for six weeks in Berlin and the results were entirely great. She is an entirely skilled, deeply intuitive instructor, filled with great insight and assistance. Rebecca has a wonderful presence that I sense puts all her clients at ease. She really listens and she really cares and she really knows her stuff! I can’t say enough good things about her…just discover for yourself!”


Rebecca was my private Yoga teacher for about one year in Berlin/ Germany. Yoga is for me part of my daily life . With her as a teacher in classes three to four times a week I improved my knowledge and my ability doing yoga very much. Rebecca is an outstanding yoga teacher, very accurate, very sensitive in terms of my abilities and on top a very nice person. I miss her classes very much.


Rebecca taught me yoga inversions. She helped me overcome difficulties and had me doing arm, head and forearm balance. She is fun, patient and thorough! A miracle worker actually.


Rebecca Halls was my yoga teacher regularly for 2 years from 2012-2014. I found her early in my yoga practice, and I attribute all of my progress to her guidance and teaching. She has every quality of a superlative yoga teacher. Rebecca is above all a supportive and inspirational mentor. She radiates positivity and encouragement, while at the same time provides clear and precise instruction. Even in a class setting, she engages with students on a one-to-one level. I appreciated her emphasis on the subtleties of each posture. I felt it was through these details I could really improve my practice. 

Having had many other wonderful teachers since Rebecca, I can say that she ranks right up there at the top. Her passion for what she does is infectious and I felt lucky to be her student. I think anyone else, beginner or advanced student, would feel the same.

Anthony Iomo | Yoga Practicioner

Rebecca Halls is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching style is inspiring, invirogating, challenging and always fun. She makes her students to try new postures, maybe to fall over, to laugh and to try again. I always feel completely warm, happy and healthy afterwards.

Angela Arntzen |  Yoga Practicioner

Rebecca is a fantastic teacher. She is really skilled at using imagery that helps you understand what your body needs to be doing. She’s also very attuned to bones and muscles and can tell in a quick glance if you are properly aligned and engaging the right muscles.

Ariane Conrad |  The Book Doula